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Cost-Effective and Custom Due Diligence Reports

We offer on-demand background reports and dossiers on expert witnesses across the United States. Our reports compile information from various legal research websites to deliver comprehensive data coverage on experts, tailored to your specific requirements.

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Preliminary Screening Report

The AffirmInsight Preliminary Screening provides a comprehensive overview of an expert’s testimonial history and an accurate assessment of how prolific a testifier the expert is. It serves as a valuable tool to evaluate whether there is sufficient information available about the expert to warrant investing in a full Expert Witness Profile.

Additionally, this report has the advantage of uncovering any challenges to the expert’s testimony in reported cases, facilitated by The Daubert Tracker.

Average report delivery within 5 business days

Drawn from the broadest array of public and proprietary databases, these reports include the number of times the expert’s name was found in the following documents:

  • Affidavits and Reports

  • Federal Agency Decisions

  • Jury Verdict Reports

  • Motions

  • Dockets

  • Opinions

  • State Agency Decisions

  • Transcripts & Depositions

  • Pleadings, Briefs, Orders

Expert Challenge Study

One of the most critical aspects of an expert witness due diligence is assessing an expert’s prior history of being challenged or critiqued by the court in previous personal injury cases or when forming an expert witness testimony.

Learn about cases where an expert has been challenged under Daubert or their testimony has been criticized by the judge or the opposing party. See the grounds for such challenges, their outcomes (where available) and citations to underlying documents. The Challenge Study includes direct challenges to experts as well as instances where the expert’s testimony/ affidavit was submitted in support or against a motion.

The Expert Challenge Study is created by a team of professional expert witness researchers, all lawyers, who have access to databases not readily available to most law firms.

Average report delivery within 10 business days

This report provides the following information about the expert’s previous activity:

  • The expert was deemed not qualified (unqualified).

  • The expert’s methods were questionable, suspicious, not valid (invalid), lacking or inadequate.

  • The expert was not credible (incredible) or believable (unbelievable).

  • The testimony was outside the scope of the expertise of the expert.

  • The testimony was not relevant (irrelevant).

  • The testimony was not reliable (unreliable).

  • The testimony was flawed.

  • The expert’s methods were not scientific (unscientific).

  • The testimony was speculative

  • The expert was deemed not competent, incompetent.
  • The testimony was questionable.
  • The testimony was predicated on an improper foundation, basis or grounds.
  • The testimony was based on insufficient evidence, false assumptions
  • The expert drew conclusions not supported by the evidence.
  • The testimony of the expert was impeached.
  • The testimony was based on methods which were unscientific
  • The testimony would not assist the trier of fact.
  • The testimony was, amounted to or drew a legal conclusion.
  • The testimony was used to support a motion for summary judgment and the motion was granted/denied.
  • There were two conflicting expert testimonies and the case was decided in the favor of one party (thereby implying that one expert’s testimony was given more weight than another’s).
  • The testimony or opinion was conclusory.
  • Any other assessment of the expert or his/her testimony which reflects on or affects the assessment of the overall qualifications and credibility of the expert – either in a good or a bad way, particularly critical comments of any kind by the judge who wrote the opinion (even if there was no formal attempt to exclude or limit the testimony of the expert on the part of one of the attorneys.

Enhanced Expert Witness Profile

The Profile is crafted by a team of extensively skilled attorneys specializing in expert witness research. They leverage not only all major legal research databases but also semi-private and proprietary databases that are not widely accessible or known to most law firms.

The Profile encompasses all of the details in the right column.

Where available, the report also provides access to expert witness transcripts, briefs (including memoranda in support of or in opposition to motions to exclude testimony), and other relevant supporting documents.

The profile serves as an essential resource for attorneys to utilize before engaging an expert witness or when challenging an expert during deposition or trial. Additionally, the report is valuable for the expert witness to understand what attorneys are aware of regarding their background, helping to prevent unexpected revelations during the trial process.

Average report delivery within 10 business days

  • Testimonial history

  • Challenge (Daubert/Frye) history

  • Disciplinary history

  • Personal litigation history

  • Licensing and certifications (including verification)

  • Educational background (including verification)

  • Professional background

  • Associations and memberships

  • Personal information

  • Publications

  • Teaching and research

  • Patents, trademarks, and copyrights (if relevant)

  • References in news, blogs, social networking, and more