About Affirm

We Bring Powerful Medical Insight To Every Case

We locate expert witnesses for complex medical litigation cases by searching smarter, and leveraging relationships to meet your exact specifications. Through our AffirmMatch Service, we offer a network of Medical Experts that is continually expanding and the most effective in our space.

We go one step further by offering our AffirmInsight Reports, which are comprehensive background checks and due diligence reports – allowing you to effectively and confidently retain, depose, challenge and question expert witnesses.

Our Core Services

AffirmMatch Service

Expert Witness Search Service

Customized searches and vetting process to match the right expert witnesses with our clients’ needs.

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AffirmInsight Report

Due Diligence Expert Reports

Retain, depose, challenge and question expert witnesses better with our custom background reports.

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Our Search Process

Request An Expert

We review the facts of your case, identify relevant medical issues, and determine the Expert you need to succeed.

Custom Matching

We conduct a custom location and screening process to identify qualified Experts based on the case requirements.


We provide you with the Expert’s full CV and Fee Schedule. We coordinate introductory calls so you can confirm an ideal match prior to retaining.


Once you retain your Expert, you work with them directly. All billing and communication is between you and the Expert.

Our Search Fees

We provide a flat-rate service fee for our expert location process which includes a custom search, screen, interview, and qualification & credential verification. No up-front fees or retainers are required. The fee for this process only applies if you decide to move forward with our recommended expert.

  • No up-front fees

  • Never a charge for a search

  • No interview fees

  • No administrative fees

  • Fee only applicable if you retain the Expert

  • No obligation to use our recommended Expert

  • Ongoing billing &communication is handled between the Expert and firm

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Our Approach

When you partner with Affirm, you gain an advocate and true medical extension of your legal team.

Our network of dedicated medical professionals have built highly successful careers in their respective specialties, and are committed to giving back to the community by delivering the most trusted medical insight to positively impact the lives of individuals & organizations.

Our network of Experts prioritize clear and effective communication, ensuring our clients have a thorough understanding of complex medical concepts and how they relate to their case so they can effectively communicate the medical facts.

With a focus on collaboration and strategic decision-making, our network of Experts empower our clients with the tools and insights needed to achieve successful outcomes.

Our Mission

Our world relies on the precision, analytical thinking, & cutting-edge expertise of medical professionals. That’s why Affirm is relentlessly committed to delivering the most trusted medical insight to positively impact the lives of individuals & organizations. We aim to be the most competitive, all-in-one Medical Expert service provider.

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Our History

Affirm was founded with the primary goal of providing the most accurate medical insight for the benefit of our attorney clients and those they serve, with the ultimate vision of making a positive impact on the community.

Our team has decades of experience across multiple healthcare disciplines ranging from Nursing Homes to the Operating Room. With the relationships and network we have built within the healthcare industry, we have the ability to offer the highest quality medical expertise.

When you partner with Affirm, you’ll surround yourself with a team of medical providers who take a unique and comprehensive approach to providing exceptional Med LegalExpert and Consulting services.

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Our vision is to be the legal industry’s most trusted medical expert company, accelerating and simplifying all medically related case matters with the nation’s foremost expertise.”

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Affirm on many complex medical analysis cases. They have provided medical summaries and chronologies which help me fully understand and speak to the medical aspects of my case.”

Affirm Consultants IconKathy R., Managing Partner, Texas Law Firm

“Working with Affirm has been a game-changer for my firm. Affirm completes our pre-suit screenings for our nursing home cases. Their work is thorough, accurate, and provides the facts needed to decide whether to move forward with the case.”

Jeff H, Wisconsin Plaintiff Attorney

“We would highly recommend Kelly and her team. They have a streamlined intake process and utilize a nationally recognized case managament portal, allowing for secure communication and transfer of documents.”

Affirm Consultants IconHoward K, Florida Defense Attorney

“Affirm helps me thoroughly understand my client’s injuries so that I can knowledgeably speak to the medical aspects of the case. I would highly recommend Kelly & her team for your next personal injury case analysis.”

Affirm Consultants IconMike F, Illinois Personal Injury Attorney

“Affirm provides valuable insight into standard of care deviations in our nursing home cases. They complete all our initial merit reviews and then help locate qualified medical experts, if needed. Efficient, highly knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with.”

Affirm Consultants IconStephanie K, New York Nursing Home Attorney

“A huge thank you to you and your team for the exceptional work you provided. Your passion shines through in your work. We look forward to our next case with you and your team!”

Affirm Consultants IconCassandra P, Colorado Medical Malpractice Attorney

“Affirm’s review of medical care and the patient chart provides me with the precise medical analysis I need for my Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death cases”

Affirm Consultants IconMegan T, Ohio Attorney