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Medical Legal Articles

How to Determine the Cost of a Nurse Expert Witness: Exploring the Fee Schedule

Are you in need of a nurse expert witness for a legal case or trial? Determining the cost of their services can be a crucial factor in your decision-making process. Understanding the fee schedule for nurse expert witnesses is essential to ensure you are getting fair and competitive pricing. In [...]

December 18, 2023|

Navigating the Complexities of Anesthesia: Insights from an Expert Witness

Navigating the complexities of anesthesia can be a daunting task. The high stakes involved in administering anesthesia require a deep understanding of its principles and potential risks. Fortunately, there are experts who can shed light on this intricate field. In this insightful article, we turn to an expert witness [...]

December 11, 2023|

Decoding Liability: Navigating the Legal Landscape of On-Site Violence in Hospitals and Medical Clinics

The safety and well-being of medical providers within hospitals and medical clinics is an essential aspect of healthcare. Unfortunately, incidents of violence against medical providers within these settings have become a growing concern around the nation. As a result, the liability of these institutions for such violence has become [...]

December 11, 2023|

Amendments to Federal Rule 702: The Impact on Court Decisions

Last year, we discussed the impending changes to the Federal Rule of Evidence (FRE) 702, which governs the admissibility of expert testimony. Since then, Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court have approved these amendments, and as of December 1, they are now in effect. The amended FRE 702 states that [...]

December 11, 2023|

Leveraging the Testimony of an Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness: What to Expect During Litigation

When it comes to litigation involving orthopedic surgery, one key witness can make all the difference. An orthopedic surgery expert witness brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the courtroom, providing crucial insights into complex medical procedures and standards of care. Their testimony can be leveraged to support [...]

December 11, 2023|

New York Nursing Home Immune To COVID Suit Despite Law Repeal

In a recent ruling by a New York state appellate panel, it was determined that the repeal of a law granting nursing homes immunity from coronavirus injury suits does not have retroactive effect. This means that a nursing home accused of causing a resident's COVID-19 death cannot be held liable. [...]

December 4, 2023|Tags: , |
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